Music composition for film, TV, advertising and video games on brief.

Producer / Composer / Songwriter 

Matt is a multi-instrumentalist musician, writer, artist, and founder of Hot Tag Media Works - a project focused on composing bespoke entrance themes for some of the most renowned professional wrestlers in the UK. 

Cardiff-based, Matt is a prolific and versatile composer and vocalist, capable of writing across different genres and producing to brief, often to very tight deadlines. His plans for the upcoming months include writing more bespoke material for Hot Tag Media, and developing his craft with more commercial writing and collaborations with artists and songwriters.

Composer / Songwriter 

Known primarily as the vocalist and guitarist of cult psych-rock band Loop, which he fronted between 1986 and 1991, Robert Hampson is also known for his passion for experimental music.

In The early '80s Hampson started gaining interest in composers such as Stockhausen, Schaeffer, Parmegiani, Luc Ferrari and Pierre Henry, and started learning that "absolutely anything can have a musical tonality". 

Most notably, Hapson has worked on commissioned work for GMR in Paris, composing and performing bespoke pieces since 2007. Currently, he's working on a 

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