Music composition for film, TV, advertising and video games on brief.

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Producer / Composer / Songwriter 

Matt is a multi-instrumentalist musician, writer, artist, and founder of Hot Tag Media Works - a project focused on composing bespoke entrance themes for some of the most world-renowned wrestlers in WWE.

Cardiff-based Matt is a prolific and versatile composer and vocalist, capable of writing across different genres and producing to brief, and is used to delivering on very tight deadlines. So far, he has recorded over 150 bespoke tracks for the sports industries, and has worked with wrestlers such as Pete Dunne, Marty Scurll, Tenille Dashwood (AKA Emma in WWE) and Meiko Satamura.


Composer / Songwriter / Artist (Loop, Main)

Known primarily as a vocalist and guitarist in Loop, psychedelic rock band that he fronted between 1985 and 1991, Robert Hampson is also seen as one of the leading figures of Isolationist and Post-Rock music, which he explored after the band's demise.

For many years, Hampson has described his music as "compositional sound" citing the experimental classical styles of György Ligeti, Krzysztof Penderecki, Alan Splet (the original sound designer for the early films of David Lynch) and the works of the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales), specifically the Acousmatic music of Bernard Parmigiani, Luc Ferrari, Francois Bayle and Christian Zanesi, as his influences.


Most notably, Hampson has worked on commissioned work for GRM, composing and performing bespoke pieces since 2007. Currently, he is working on the new Loop album, the first one since 'A Gilded Eternity' from 1989.

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Producer / Artist (The Orb)

Dr Alex Paterson of the legendary electronic act The Orb has long been considered to be an inventor of the genre of Ambient House, known for resurrecting slower, more soulful rhythms and providing a soundtrack for early-morning ravers once the clubs had closed their doors.

A Punk & Acid House veteran, Paterson’s career in music started in the early 1980s as a roadie for Killing Joke for whom his childhood friend Martin ‘Youth’ Glover played bass. In 2020 The Orb released 'Abolition Of The Royal Familia', which will be followed by a remix album in April 2021.

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Songwriter / Artist ('68)

A founding member of metalcore and hardcore bands Norma Jean and The Chariot, Josh Scogin is known as the man who thrives on chaos and a songwriter with an untraditional approach to music. Scogin compares writing songs to embarking on a journey - every track puts him in a totally different headspace and aims to keep the listeners on their toes.


Currently working alongside drummer Nikko Yamada in his new band '68, Scogin writes material rooted in stripped-to-the-frame rock, demonstrating more energy with a guitar and a small drum set than an entire live band.


"Paying no attention to any rules" Scogin is able to blend rock, hardcore, punk, blues, folk and grunge influences in an addictive and unique way.

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Composer / Songwriter / Artist (The Last Dinosaur)

Known for experimenting with different note choices, textures and timbres, Cameron often introduces improvisational elements to his compositions, with his motto being “Never write the same song twice”. Cameron’s music is intricately detailed, painstakingly arranged, and often imbued with an unforgettable, bitter-sweet tenderness.

Cameron came into recognition for his work with a musical collective The Last Dinosaur, whose latest album 'Wholeness' was released in October 2020. 

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