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Toplines / Vocals / Vocal Production

After posting original songs and covers on YouTube as a 17 year old, Robbie was immersed into the songwriting community after being discovered by Mojam and began writing with a host of names including Wayne Hector, Mac And Phil, Plested, JoJo and ADP. Artist sessions soon followed including Ella Henderson, Little Mix, Raphi and DLMT. Robbie has honed his craft around melodic structure and lyrical thematics for contemporary pop, dance and R&B. 

Recent sessions and cuts include Coldabank, David Solomon, Sarah de Warren, Pete Newman, Kal Lavelle, Dante the Kid, Sistek, Theo Douke, Pete Hammerton & Felix Samuel

Robbie has upcoming releases with Imanbek, NCT Dream & Alphalove amongst others.

Recent releases

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