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Topline / Vocal / Vocal Production

After posting original songs and covers on YouTube as a 17 year old, Robbie was immersed into the London songwriting community when he was discovered by UK multi-platinum hitmakers Mojam and began writing with a host of names including Wayne Hector, Mac And Phil, Plested, and ADP. Artist sessions soon followed including Ella Henderson, Conor Maynard and Jojo to name but a few.


Robbie has honed his craft around melodic structure and lyrical thematics for contemporary Pop, Dance and R&B, leading him to exciting major label projects such as Since ‘93/RCA artist Tom Did ItSigala and Coldabank.

Robbie also has Country & Americana credits on his showreel, working with artists such as American Idol-winner Laine Hardy and Jelly Roll.


Proving the versatility of his talents, Robbie has achieved huge recent success in the world of K-Pop and C-Pop with album cuts for Ha Sung Woon's 'Mirage' (2020), NCT Dream's 'ISTJ' (2023), and WayV's 'On My Youth' (2023); a string of success culminating in the 2024 release of NCT Dream's huge comeback single 'Smoothie' taken from their 'Dream( )Scape' album. Across these records alone, Robbie's songs have hit over 10Million physical sales

Robbie re-signed to Cooking Vinyl this year and we're extremely excited for what his future holds! 


Recent Releases

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