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Often - and not entirely fairly - seen as the underdogs of Britpop, Shed Seven are having the last laugh. After initially reforming in 2007 for a handful of gigs which were upgraded almost as soon as they were announced, they’ve since graduated from universities and Academies to arenas and outdoor bowls. Along the way they have played the biggest shows of their 30-year career and can justifiably claim to be a bigger live act now than they were in the 1990s. The likes of Chasing Rainbows and Going For Gold have become crowd favourites with not one or two but three generations of fans, from the original followers to their sons and daughters and even their children.


The band’s new album A Matter Of Time - released January 2024 and went straight to the top of the Official UK Album Chart - is a collection of songs which the band consider their best since A Maximum High - perhaps reflecting its origins during lockdown - and ends in autumnal, reflective mood. Along the way, guests including the Libertines’ Peter Doherty, Rowetta from Happy Mondays and Reverend and the Makers’ Laura McClure have joined in to produce in another set of epic Shed Seven anthems. The album’s power and maturity reflects the decades-long friendship between singer Rick Witter, guitarist Paul Banks, and bassist Tom Gladwin.


2024 will mark 30 years since Shed Seven’s debut record Change Giver and A Matter Of Time demonstrates that the band are at the very top of their game and the journey is far from nearing its end.

Recent releases

Shed Seven - A Matter of Time
Shed Seven - Kissing California
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