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Indigobee is a one of kind, a slow burn talent that has lived like few others, and draws on a wealth of life experiences to create a very modern take on folk music. 

Indigobee instils her music with a depth of feeling and experience that few can match. She is on a mission to educate and help, particular with a focus on women who lack confidence or have suffered physically and emotionally now and in the past with addictions and more. The wants to be a beacon on positivity in an increasingly uncertain world. 

From an early age she has been surrounded by music of different stripes. As a child she was brought up on classical music from her mother, alongside the likes of Genesis and Fleetwood Mac. Whilst more modern key influences include London Grammar and Imogen Heap, acts that work slightly outside of the traditional genre, always slightly left of centre in spaces where different strands can be stitched together. 

Recent releases

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