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North London artist ARTAN has established a niche for himself within the UK Rap scene. ARTAN offers a sonic breath of fresh air, rapping unashamedly about the trials and tribulations he faces in his life over melodic, progressive rap beats. ARTAN burst onto the scene with his episode of the influential Blackbox series in 2016. He continued to release music on established platforms throughout 2016 & 2017, with notable releases being his episode of the 'Next Up' series (Mixtape Madness), 'Mary' (GRM Daily) and 'Circus Show' (SBTV). More recently releases such as 'Whym I High', 'Falling' & break-out 2022 hit 'She's A 10 But...' saw him post the best numbers of his career.

ARTAN has put out four album projects to date - 'Chasing Dragons' (2020), 'Scattered Thoughts' (2020), 'Time Will Tell' (2021) and '3.5 and a Dream' (2023) which contained the singles 'She's A 10 But...' and '4x4'. Having racked up over 60Million streams on Spotify and well over 10Million views on Youtube, ARTAN returns in 2024 with new single 'NPC'.

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