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Jack in Water releases debut album 'You Don't Feel Like Home' via Nettwerk Records

Following a string of emotionally charged singles, rising star Jack In Water has released his debut album, You Don’t Feel Like Home, out August 27th on Nettwerk Records.

Produced by Oli Bayston (Loyle Carner, The 2 Bears) at his East London Studio, You Don’t Feel Like Home is not a record to rush. A drama-packed delve back to Will Clapson, aka Jack In Water’s, childhood, the album features deeply personal, coming-of-age songs, drawing on the topics of family, friendship and falling in love but also addressing darker, deeply personal issues – sexual abuse, alcohol misuse and the discovery of death.

“Looking back at your childhood, somewhat from a distance, I think that’s how I would sum the album up,” Will reflected. “When you’re no longer tangled up in its ups and downs but you’re still able to see that you’re inevitably a result of everything that’s happened to you so far. It’s allowed me to say goodbye to certain parts of my past as well as to accept that they will somehow always live with me.”

Brought up in a little village in Essex, Jack In Water is the alias of singer-songwriter William Clapson. A string of DIY EP releases to date has an impressive accumulated streaming figure of over 10 million.

Now signed to Nettwerk Records and with an album ten years in the making, You Don’t Feel Like Home is a stunning statement of acceptance, as much about moving on as it is about looking back. Enjoy the ride.


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