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July Jones releases debut EP 'Silly Little Dream, Pt. 1'

After releasing her electrifying single 'Girls Can Do Anything', which was used as a global sync for TikTok’s International Women’s Day campaign, July Jones shares her debut EP 'Silly Little Dream, Pt. 1', including two new tracks, 'Steel' and 'Loner'. Provocative, unapologetic and forward-thinking, July will be supporting Slayyyter during their European tour this summer, and has recently finished touring with YONAKA in the UK.

Speaking of her new EP, July says: “Silly Little Dream is a conceptual mixtape, my first piece of work which I am very proud of. I am a writer and producer first, and I think my main strength is creating art. There is so many things I want to say – it wasn’t possible to put it in a normal 8 album track so we decided to split Silly Little Dream in 3 parts. The first part being my birth, introduction of my sound. Second part being the middle stage and last part my full final moment where I fully develop.”

Listen to 'Silly Little Dream, Pt. 1' here.


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