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Little Drum release debut EP 'Darling Ocean'

After spending many years moving in the same musical circles and working together on a variety of projects including Paolo Nutini, Imelda May, Jack Savoretti, George The Poet, Dido and Faithless, Matty Benbrook, Pauline Taylor and Donny Little found themselves drawn together by their shared love of blues, folk, soul, the occasional sprinkling of electronica and some good old fashioned songwriting. Their individual talents come together as Little Drum, whose four track debut EP, Darling Ocean, is a gentle landscape of retro influences and pop sensibilities with themes of hope, love and loss.

From the dreamy first verse of the title track to the languid, California Soul-inspired

vocals of the foot stomping “Love Is The Key” to the stripped and personal musings

of “Traffic and the Rain”, the EP takes you on a journey through the minds of three

musical friends.

Listen here - 'Darling Ocean'.


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