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Roster interview - Matty Benbrook

Can you tell us a little bit about the recent songs, Together People and Role Models, which you have co-written? What inspired them and how did the ideas for the tracks come about?

Bobby’s song Together People was written last year and it's a song about togetherness and how all our voices together are louder than our voices alone - how we can have a greater impact if we work as one, a bit like The Borg.

Role Models was written it two halves, Dan, Amy Lawton and I started the song in London and then took it back to Canada and worked on it some more and produced it for release. It's a song about trying to get through the stuff that we have to do, but maybe don’t enjoy, and getting to the good bits and making the most of them.

How have you been finding working in the world dominated by virtual sessions and remote working? Has it impacted your work in any way?

It's a different dynamic for sure but I’ve found them quite productive. I think it’s something that gets easier the more you do it and the artists you’re working with are getting used to working that way too. There’s certainly less tea cups to wash up!

I do think it's opened up some new opportunities too as it's become the norm, writing with an artist in Australia or the U.S. over Zoom is probably something I wouldn’t have done before. Hopefully when things settle down there will be a healthy balance between studio sessions and Zoom sessions.

What makes you excited for the future? Is there someone that you'd love to work with or are there any upcoming projects to share?

I’m just loving making music at the moment, I’ll be releasing an EP with a couple of friends of mine (Pauline Taylor, Donny Little) under the name “Little Drum” in the new year and it's exciting to be releasing the music.

Amy Lawton has an EP being released on the 13th of November, which I’m very proud of - we co-wrote it and produced it together.

There are ongoing albums with Paolo Nutini and Jack Savoretti and hopefully both will see the light of day in 2021. Which of your songs are you most proud of or connected with and why?

I have affection for so many songs I’ve written or produced. Like for everyone, songs tend to highlight memories and moments in your life, so it's hard to narrow it down, but one of my favourites is Coming Up Easy By Paolo Nutini - it's just a quality song, beautifully produced by Ethan Johns.

What do you think makes a great song and what are your favourites of all time?

I think it's quite hard to pin down. Some songs are obviously great songs, written by The Beatles, or Stevie Wonder, then some songs are not obviously a “great song”, but whatever they do that makes people happy, something like “Flat Eric”, is what makes them great.

I do think if you’re a singer/songwriter it's important to speak from the heart and be honest. It makes such a difference when fans can feel what you wrote is real and can relate to it.


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