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47 Soul release their second album 'Semitics'

'Semitics' mixes stomping, no compromise dance music with powerful new songs and challenging, thoughtful lyrics in both Arabic and English. The album was recorded in London and includes a cast of London-based artists from around the world; from the German-Chilean MC Fedzilla to the British-Iraqi rapper Lowkey and British Palestinian rapper and singer Shadia Mansour. It also features musicians based in the Middle East including two of the best-known Palestinian rappers; the Jordan-based The Synaptik represents the “new school”, while hip hop veterans are represented by Tamer Nafar, who was one of the founders of the massively-influential DAM. The first track ‘Dabke System’ comes with a compelling video that is a dedication from 47SOUL to the Dabke dancers of the world.

Listen to 'Semitics' here.


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